Logistics is an activity directly linked to both humans and nature, and it requires security and reliability.

We do our jobs with respect for people – those we work with on a daily basis, residents, employees or customers – but also with respect for the environment around us.

Our approach is pragmatic: we recruit and train people in the regions of the world where we have come to operate. These new encounters spontaneously encourage us to consider, in advance, how to minimise our environmental impact.

Our commitments:

  • Ensure operational excellence and continuously strive for customer satisfaction;
  • Optimise our societal impact in favour of local populations;
  • Apply a rigorous QHSE policy;
  • Promote the training and qualification of people;
  • Operate in harmony with our human and geographic environment;
  • Carry out policies that are ethical and responsible.


We firmly believe that for development to be sustainable, we must be able to continuously improve our products and services, while protecting the populations and environment where they are developed. We believe that nothing is more important than the QHSE rules. If something is unacceptable in one part of the world, it is simply not tolerable elsewhere. This is how our group plays a leading role in promoting QHSE best practices within our industry.

Quality, Health, Safety and Environment Policy:

Peschaud International has a systematic approach to QHSE management in order to continuously improve our performance and operating standards. The results of our QHSE policy are therefore constantly studied, evaluated and reported.

We are very careful to train our employees on preventing work-related risks, because their safety and health is an essential condition to operating our business.

The training we provide our teams allows them to work in complete safety, while respecting the environment in which they operate.

The QHSE system implemented at Peschaud International complies with:

  • ISO 9001 and ISO14001 standards for all activities;
  • BS OHSAS 18001 standards for all land activities;
  • ISM standards for all marine activities;

Peschaud International has always been committed to conducting its operations in a legal, ethical and responsible manner.


The Peschaud International group was one of the precursors to the Local Content strategy, which encourages sustainable development to the benefit of local communities. Since our inception, we have continually reaffirmed our commitment to local populations.

Our objectives: to promote the transfer of skills and ensure that our employees are trained to perform demanding tasks in a secure work environment.

We offer credible Local Content strategies, based on a long-term vision and based on:

  • Hiring a local workforce (up to 95% per project)
  • Continuously training our employees to ensure qualified professionals
  • Establishing training centres to create a pool of sustainable skills

Peschaud & Cie International has always respected both humans and our environment.


As a guarantee of quality, we give particular importance to the training, education and evaluation of our employees. This ensures a high-performance workforce for our customers capable of carrying out the most complex projects in complete safety.

After selection, International Peschaud employees join an adapted training programme. Each employee benefits from individual follow-up and qualification levels.

Our training provides our employees with all the skills necessary to meet Oil & Gas standards:

  • We provide our employees with initial and ongoing training in accordance with current standards.
  • We regularly educate our employees on the specific uses of all of our maritime or land equipment.
  • We guarantee the professionalism of our teams to our customers through periodically renewed certifications and permits.


At Peschaud International, we are committed to a dynamic training policy that aims to guarantee our customers proper execution of the projects entrusted to us.


Controlling our operations and the safety of our employees is a constant concern. It is therefore necessary to be able to locate our transport equipment in real time and monitor its use. To meet these requirements, we have equipped all of our fleets with geolocation devices and performance tracking software. This enables us to analyse the quality and skills of our agents and manage the business KPIs. Each vehicle and vessel has devices that provide real-time data on speed and fuel consumption.

All the data is recorded and analysed by our agents to monitor the proper use of our equipment.