Peschaud International is a company recognised for the excellence of its multi-modal logistics services on difficult and remote terrain and for its bespoke services.

Our core business: Tackling complex logistical issues and finding the most appropriate solutions. For sixty years, we have used this approach to assist oil companies in their exploration projects in hard-to-reach areas.

Rig moving is Peschaud International’s first line of business.

Since its inception, Peschaud International’s mindset has been shaped by the many rig moves it has performed. Rig moves demand discipline, and we strictly adhere to the deadlines required by Oil & Gas standards. To manage this, we perform careful preparation, accurate follow-up and work with a strong team spirit. We use rigour, responsiveness and efficiency to achieve the results that our clients demand.

Today, we guarantee these qualities in all our services.

Our operations involve rapidly mobilising and bringing together our maritime and land equipment, on a global scale. Our technical and operational teams are familiar with these kinds of operations and their experience in the field allows us to control the supply chain—from mobilisation to demobilisation—by combining our different lines of business.

Peschaud International owns and operates a full range of marine and land equipment that allows it to offer a plethora of logistics services.